The power & ability to create new invention of alternative
power solution are the things that made us unique.

Formed and motorized by the one of inventor of hybrid gas-diesel, PT. Energy Solutions Indonesia was born to respond to the increasing demand for energy in Indonesia specificaly.

PT. Energy Solutions Indonesia (PT. ESI) is a technology company, offering customized solutions in energy generation and optimization. The company is a collaboration between Australian and Indonesian technical experts in energy solutions. The combined knowledge of our technical experts is so unique, that their services are sought after in South-America, China and several parts of Southeast Asia. With a wide array of successful projects in Australia and the rest of the world, PT. ESI is now bringing these services to Indonesia.

Our Commitment

We are committed in contributing to the betterment of humanity and the earth by adding more sustainable energy as well as reducing emissions to the power industry. We will enhance our customers’ business performance by providing innovative energy solutions.


Connecting Energy - PT. ESI to be the leader in the hybrid power generation solutions - providing the industries' growing demand for energy, as well as the environment-friendly and economical solutions provider.


  • To generate and preserve - protect energy supply for everyone.
  • To constantly developing innovative power solutions and services for our customers.
  • To achieve greater ecological responsibility.
Become one of the first in Indonesia to apply the new technology
of power generation and enjoy the benefits of it
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