Gas Engine - E3 System is a fully integrated engine control
system which can be used as a standalone or as a complete gas engine and
emission controller

The controls are designed to meet the modern performance requirements of engine manufacturers or endusers. The E3 is suitable for any size engine and applications such as:

Rich burn or stoichiometric engines with 3-way catalysts.
Lean burn gas engines operating on a constant quality fuel source ie natural gas or propane.
Lean burn gas engine running on continuous varying quality such as landfill, sewage, digester, bio or syngas.
Lean burn gas engines operating on a blend of fuels. Ie source A being natural gas and source B being landfill, sewage, digester bio or syngas.
Lean burn gas engines operating on either fuel source A or Source B. Switching between the fuels can be established before start. If switching on the fly is required, this is possible but at a derated load.
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