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Retrofit diesel/ gas conversion
What is a retrofit diesel/ gas conversion?

The Retrofit diesel/gas conversion system solution of PT. Energy Solutions Indonesia (PT. ESI) is a high end solution which provides significant fuel cost savings specially designed for diesel generator sets.

The solution replaces diesel by low cost natural gas (pipe line, CNG, LNG) or alternative gases like landfill, bio or sewage gas without modifications to the internal components of the engine.

Apart from the fuel cost savings, the solution can also be used to reduce NOx and CO2- emissions or reduce the dependency of a single fuel source and by this increasing the runtime capacity.

The aftermarket engine modification isn't invasive as it consists of "add on components". The system doesn't require modifications of the existing diesel injection system either. If desired, it is possible to return to full diesel operation at any moment in time.

  • Lower operating cost by substituting up to 65% (Ultra range) diesel by natural gas
  • Seamless switching between diesel and dual fuel mode without any operating disruptions
  • No impact on the power output of the generator set
  • No modification to internal engine parts
  • No downtime if the alternative fuel supply fails or isn't temporarily available
  • Extended run time between diesel re-fuelling intervals
  • Fully automatic
  • Possible to return to full diesel operation at any desired time

The Retrofit diesel/gas conversion system is dynamic and administers the gas fully automatic. It optimizes the diesel substitution over the entire load range without human intervention.

Engine Protection

The system and engine operation is continuously monitored and if the engine operates outside normal operating conditions, the substitution rate is either reduced or the engine transfers back to full diesel operation. At such highly unlikely occurrence, an operator is notified by a warning light to investigate this issue.

The system monitors, exhaust-, jacket water- and intake manifold temperatures, as well as gas valve position and engine vibration / detonation.


  • General power generation
  • Off shore and onshore drilling
  • Rental generator sets
  • Standby generator sets at data centres, prawn farms and other critical power applications

Typical Gasses

  • Pipe line Natural gas
  • CNG & LNG (compressed and liquid natural gas)
  • Bio, Landfill and Sewage gas
  • Coal seam gas
  • Associated gas (gas which breaks out of crude oil, separate gas treatment may be necessary depending on the gas composition).

Why dealing with PT. ESI

  • Our system is the most advanced in the retrofit market;
  • PT. ESI performs an engine inspection and organizes repair if required. A successful conversion can only take place if the engine meets a minimum acceptable condition;
  • PT. ESI organizes system installation and commissioning and training of onsite operators;
  • Since as integrators we are not bound by one component supplier, we can choose the most optimal solution for a specific application;
  • We have a wide range of solutions, from 75 kW to 20 MW generators. Most common range is 250kW-2.5MW diesel generators.
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